Curriculum vitae - Flat Glass


Annalisa Franco 

Annalisa Franco graduated in Civil Engineering, Structural Design in 2009. She obtained the PhD Degree in 2014 and since then has worked as Post-Doctoral Research Assistant for the University of Parma and for ITC-CNR.
She currently works as Researcher at the Construction Technologies Institute - italian national research council (ITC-CNR) since 2016. Her research topics focus on Composite materials with organic and inorganic matrix, strengthening of concrete and masonry structures, CFFT (concrete filled FRP tubes), FRP bars as reinforcement of concrete structures, durability of composite materials; Glass components, glazing systems, experimental testing and analysis.



Laura Galuppi 

Laura Galuppi obtained the PhD Degree in Structural Engineering at University of Trento (Italy) in 2010. She is Assistant Professor in “Structural Mechanics” at University of Parma (Italy) since 2015. She has developed research and teaching activities at the Universities of Trento and Parma, collaborating in several European Research Projects. She has been the Secretary of the Working Group in charge of the preparation of the document “Guidelines for the Design and Construction of building with Structural Elements of Glass " proposed by the Italian National Research Council. She has participated to the Working Group on JRC scientific and policy report “Guidance for European Structural Design of Glass Components - Support to the implementation, harmonization and further development of the Eurocodes”. Her research interests focus on analytical modelling of layered and composite structures, with particular regard to laminated glass for structural applications. She is member of the Editorial Boards of International Journals “Glass Structures and Engineering” and “International Journal of Structural Glass and Advanced Material Research”.


Vitkala Jorma

I have more than 38 years of industrial experience in the safety glass industry, both at Glaston Finland Oy and its predecessor Tamglass Ltd. During the years I have worked in over 50 countries. I’m a frequent lecturer at glass industry conferences and seminars all over the world and have written numerous articles for leading trade publications over the years. I’m also a specialist on Low-E glass tempering, and I have filed and been granted a number of patents related to this field. I’m a founder and a Chairman of Glass Performance Days (GPD), the world’s most respected leading glass specialist conference.  

The Chairmanship of GPD has been a unique platform to gain perspectives and insight on the global glass industry. Therefore I have worldwide contact network of leading glass professionals, ranging from glass specialists, universities and research institutions to architects and structural engineers.